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EasyTac downloader – Gen2.2 Tachograph Compatible

With the changes to Gen2 (Smart) Tachographs to support transition from Smart 1 to Smart 2, there are some things to be aware of:

  • New ‘Annex 1C’ compliant drivers’ cards are only issued as they become due for renewal, so older cards can continue to be used with all Smart Tachographs.
  • Tacho software needs to be updated or replaced, to be able to handle the changed ‘Annex 1C’ data standards followed by new drivers’ cards and vehicle data.
    The latest version of EasyTac downloader software supports both Gen2 and Gen2.2. Existing users get prompted to install the latest version (free) as updates become available.
  • Vehicle download devices need to be updated or replaced to read the changed ‘Annex 1C’ data standards.
    Card readers supplied as part of EasyTac download kits work with both Gen2 and Gen2.2 drivers cards.
    Digidown vehicle unit download devices, which you might have bought as part of an EasyTac kit, support Gen2.2 if they were manufactured from July 2023 onwards. And there’s a free software update for devices sold since 2019 – Update my Digidown

Gen2 Smart Tachograph versions

Smart 2 Tachograph Gen2 (Version 2)

There are three stages to the introduction:

  • Vehicle registered since 21 August 2023 in the UK and the EU must be fitted with a Smart tachograph version 2.
  • Older vehicles with a digital tachograph or Smart tachograph version 1 must replace that with a Smart 2 Tachograph before 18 August 2025.
  • By 1 July 2026 any remaining vehicles with a maximum permissible mass over 2.5 tonnes, that make international journeys, must fit a Smart 2 Tachograph.

Smart 2 Tachograph (Gen2.2) features:

  • Recording border-crossings (time and location using GNSS and/or driver input) – to aid fraud prevention and improve fair competition.
  • Recording loading & unloading – drivers are required to log load/unload operations and load type (goods or passengers).
  • Data storage extended from 28 to 56 days – allowing for changes to roadside enforcement of driving hours and rest periods.
  • Strengthened anti-tampering mechanisms.

Smart Tachograph Gen2 (Version 1)

Smart Tachograph usage became mandatory on 15 June 2019 and records the driving hours and rest periods of professional drivers – this information is used to check compliance with Social Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 and the UK equivalent legislation.
Smart Tachograph Gen2 Version 1 features:

  • GPS or GNSS – automatic location recording every 3 hours of a journey, including start and end points.
  • DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) – allows enforcement officers to remotely detect possible faults or infringements currently recorded on the tachograph.
  • New Driver’s Card – conforming to the Smart Tachograph requirements set out in ‘Annex 1C’ of the EU regulations.