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EasyTac resellers

EasyTac downloader sold through a network of distributors in the UK and around Europe, find yours below. Contact us if you do not find a reseller near you, or if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

United Kingdom

Lloyd Morgan Group

Web: www.lmgshopper.co.uk

Tel: (+44) 01543 897 505

Logistics UK

(Freight Transport Association)

Web: shop.logistics.org.uk

Tel: (+44) 03717 11 11 11

E-mail: sales@logistics.org.uk

AJT Transport Consultancy

(Northern Ireland)

Web: www.ajttc.co.uk

Tel: (+44) 07894140796

E-mail: info@ajttc.co.uk

EU/AETR regions

For a complete list of distributors and resellers outside the UK, please visit our dedicated website at www.easytac.eu.